Live Stream with a Platform

That allows you stream to multiple social media sites like Facebook and YouTube and your Website simultaneously, and gives you an On-Demand Library with professionally edited videos you can share to your social media sites

Church Events

Grow your Church Ministry with the ability to reach the world with Live Streaming! No need for those 30 minute radio shows…save money!

High School Sports

Give your High School Athletes more exposure and give those with a media interest a means to develop their skills with Live Streaming!


Want the big conference streamed live to all offices? Have a new product you want seen and discussed around the world? You can do it all with Live Streaming!


Live Stream High School, College, Trade School or Business School graduations!

Features We Offer

Over the years of being in the industry, we’ve made sure to have a lineup of services.

Unlimited Streaming

Live stream your events when you need to anytime without restrictions

Professionally Edited Videos

After your live stream is over, we will edit, title and date your event and post for you in your On-Demand section on your website,...

Online Store For Digital Content

Want to sell your digital content? We can help setup an online portal where you can sell your digital content by the video, or even...

Simultaneous Streaming to Social Media Platforms

Stream simultaneously to multiple social media platforms like Facebook. Select up to 5.

Detailed Analytics Reports Available

Detailed stats about your live stream are available for you to access. See how many viewers watched and from where, on which device and for...

Great Customer Support

We provide customer support like no one else. In addition to being available by phone anytime and by appointment, we also periodically check in on...

Virtual conference setup

Just some of our
Many satisfied clients

We have helped many organization reach their audience through live streaming and increase their exposure at the same time. Let us do the same for you!”

About Us

Leira Media Group LLC, also known as HCLiveStream, is a digital media group that offers affordable live streaming and video editing to any organization.

We will manage your live streaming project from beginning to end and ensure you look and sound good to the audience you are presenting to. We also go the extra mile and periodically check on your broadcasts to make sure there are no issues you may not be aware of and contact you and assist you with correcting them. No one else does that!